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$349.00 Regular Price
$279.20Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

The standard panels comes in 23"x 45.5" x 3.5" thickness .


The panel is filled with high density materials and wrapped with blue acoustic fabric. On it is our unique red acrylic Spiderman design.


Our acoustic diffuser panels are made with the highest quality materials for a high level finish.


Ideally used for home studios, home theaters, podcasts, vocal booths, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, bars, living rooms, etc...

  • Our installation kit is included in the package at no additional cost.
    It contains clips, screws, and anchors that ensure a tidy and secure installation on drywall, concrete, or wooden walls.
    We also provide installation instructions in the delivery box.

  • Our diffuser panels are 3.5 inches thick and come in two shapes: rectangular and square.

    The average weight of a rectangular panel is 20 lbs, while that of a square panel is 10 lbs.

    The core material used in our panels is Roxul, which is a highly effective sound absorber. We use MDF to build our panels, which not only protects the edges and corners from dents and damage but also provides additional sound absorption.

    Our panels leave no more wall damage than hanging a picture, making them ideal for temporary or rented spaces.

    We ship our products quickly and easily via UPS or FedEx.

    Our diffuser panels are crafted with furniture-quality design and workmanship, and are 100% handcrafted in the USA.

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