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Unique Acoustic Diffuser Panels

Our Unique Acoustic Diffusers

They are made of acoustic absorbing material and covered with acoustically designed wood, along with having a clean and classy look, is designed to correct room acoustics, eliminate reflecting sound, and many other sound absorbing functions.

ACOUSTIC DIFFUSER PANELS are ideal for music studios, audio rooms, office places, meeting rooms, restaurants, shops, hotel lobby etc.

Room with Unique Acrylic Acoustic Diffuser Panels

Acoustic treatment

we do it right


Restaurant with acoustic ceiling panels
Room with acoustic treament and wall and ceiling panels

A history of design

Yaniv Gabay, the founder of the company, is the designer of our acoustic panels has over 15 years of experience in soundproofing and building music studios, mastering and recording rooms.

Together with that he is a music composer and producer with over 20 years of experience mainly specializing in electronic and orchestral music production, mixing and mastering.

This is what makes him able to understand in depth the importance of creating the right acoustic setting in every studio so the producer can enjoy clear and accurate sound and hear much greater details.

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