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Office, restaurant, bar, and public spaces

There are two sides of the acoustical coin, if you will. There are treatment that absorb echo within a room, and there are treatment that will block or stop/reduce sound transmission.

​Soundproofing products keep sound contained in a space, making it impossible for sound to leave or enter a room. Sound absorption products absorb the extra sound waves that bounce around a space and cause poor acoustics, background noise, and bad echo.

​Superior workplaces take acoustic performance into account because it increases productivity by reducing distractions, increasing privacy, and improving comfort for employees and clients.There are two kinds of treatment for those spaces.

1. Reducing the echo - Controlling noise through sound absorption can be an extremely effective method of lessening the echo and noise within a space. Products that are designed to absorb sound are made with soft materials that can soak up the sound as it hits its surfaces.

2. Soundproofing - Soundproofing refers specifically to the action of blocking sound and sound absorption refers to the application of materials to walls or ceilings that absorb the sound from within the room

Bar with acoustic ceiling panels

We offer a variety of sound control solutions designed for many types of rooms and applications.  Our acoustic panels can be used to treat any space, including home theaters, recording studios, listening rooms, offices and many others.

Home Studio

It is the first proirity to do acoustic treatment of your room because even if you have the best music equipment without good room acoustics and design your sound system will not perform well.

Home Theater with acoustic treatment

Home Theater

Acoustics is an essential element of any recording studio, home theater, podcast, vocal booth etc.

Commercial open space with acoustic panels

Offices & More

A room can have a number of acoustic problems, including echos, delays, low frequency issues, and more. Acoustic treatments has to be used to improve a room’s acoustic performance.

Studio with acoustic treatment and panels



Home Theater

Recording Studio

Ceiling Clouds and Baffles

Ceiling clouds and baffles are designed to effectively reduce reflected sound in large and open environments as well as to delineate space. Stylish lines and soft shapes suspend horizontally from the ceiling and absorb sound across their entire surface for unequaled acoustical performance.

Ceiling Panels or Baffles