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Square Panel Collection

New! Transform your space with our convenient square-shaped wood acoustic panel designs!

 Our new square-shaped designs are crafted from premium wood that looks great and performs even better!


Square Acryllic Collection

New! Introducing our unique and sleek acrylic acoustic panels!

Enhance your space with these stunning glossy square-shaped designs that can fit anywhere!
You have never seen such panels before!

Living room with sofa and decorative acoustic diffuser panels

Wood Collection

Discover our wood acoustic panel designs!

Classic and Elegant, fit for Home Studios, Home Theaters, Offices and more

Collage of vibrant and colorful acrylic acoustic diffuser panels

Acryllic Collection

A new generation of acoustic diffuser panels!

You have never seen panels like this before!

Home studio with Batman logo acrylic acoustic diffuser panel

Super Heroes Collection

Acrylic diffuser panels with superhero inspiration!

You have never seen panels like this before!

Do you still have questions about our diffuser panels?

Contact us anytime!

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